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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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environmental impact supervisor avalos the author is not here we've excused him we want to continue to the next item april 7th for his return. >> okay supervisor avalos made a motion to continue this item to april 7, 2015, is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor campos we'll take that without objection. item number 13 is continued to the next board meeting madam clerk call item 14 a resolution to receive and approve the annual reports for the greater union business improvement for the madam clerk 2010 through 2014. >> colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this resolution is adapted unanimously next item, please. >> item 15 to receive and approve the annual report for the fisherman's wharf for the
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portside for the fiscal years 2013-2014. >> go colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this resolution is adapted unanimously item number 16 please. item 16 a resolution to determine that the transfer of a type 20 wine and beer licensed for the 55 california street to polk strait for the if you believe for convenience. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this is adapted unanimously item 17. >> a resolution to support of farmers workers their right to be represented and to urge the california farming for the terms of their contract. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam president today is a special day today, we're celebrating the birthday of the great sunset who was born
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88 years ago and it is my honor today to be the author of that resolution it is a very simple basic resolution that goes to the heart of what caesar chavez was fighting for that farm workers be given the dignity and respect that all farm workers deserve in the 90 they vote for representation by the unit farm workers in a state secret ballot election the labor elections board asked the farm union workers for 23 years they've made various efforts to expedite the representation as a erupt
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the u f w the mitigation law in a state appointed mediator issued a 3 year contract that has retrofit but to date this company has failed to pay the workers the increased wages they've continued to take a stand guns employee rights and the farms is currently using some of the worse tactics to bust this union and if there's any question how far they're willing to go many of you received the nominees that provided a lot of information this company has employed right wing groups like the center for
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the workers freedom to launch a worker campaign those groups funded by the brothers seek to use the farms as an example against employee organizing efforts he time to make sure they bust this union here in california because if they succeed here they'll succeed in the rest of the country therefore today as we celebrate the birthday of this important man caesar chavez the best was 80 way to honor and however his memento support of workers for whom i gave his life we are in this chamber honored to have present of dozens of hundreds of workers that came to work here those workers had taken today off which means mayor is making
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the sacrifice not getting paid there because that is important they know how the board of supervisors in san francisco votes will send a clear message not only to the rest of the state but the rest of the country if i may i want to ask a question to the president of the unit farm workers who again have traveled very far there was and then e-mail sent by the corporate entity providing a lot of information to set the record straight the president of the united farm workers if the rules allow him to respond and clarify some of the issues that were sent to the board of
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supervisors. >> colleagues, can we do that this we'll take that without objection. >> if i may ask the president of the united farm workers to say a few words in response to the e-mail that was sent by the company. >> the san francisco mr. president. >> good afternoon madam president, of the board of supervisors here in san francisco county and all the board of supervisors that are here present with us today and certainly supervisor campos for introducing the resolution and the two supervisors that joined with us the farmers we're excited that the fact you come out and spent a couple of imaginations listening to the farmers stories we've gone across the state of california to really now you talk about e talk to folks about
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the importance of supporting this unit farmers workers we employ 50 thousand plus farm workers it comprise the largest company in the united states as mention by supervisor campos we're looking at a quarter of a century 25 years shortly before shaerlz passed away in 1993 and still not been able to release the agreement and implement that agreement because of the refusal of those folks to implement the law this resolution calls on the ground farming company to do and take action on on behalf of the state of california mediator that issued the decision back in 2013 saying there should be a contract implemented with this
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company and setting wamgz and working conditions to be oozed and farm and ground company that's all we're asking we all are subjected to the laws of this state and abide by those laws and ask this employer do the same eye respect the rights of the workers there were a lot of comments and information provided to you that actually is not true farm workers make $11 an hour and should be making under the contract 11, 25 an hour we estimate since the beginning when this contract was implement farmers lost more than $18 and what takes place with thousands of workers that's in the million
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dollar of wages workers have though the received in addition to the protections and their ability to have a voice and in addition to the working conditions for this company so we are very thankful to be here with the san francisco board of supervisors and we're thankful that you are looking at this particular situation and we urge your support for those farm workers that bring fruits and vegetables primarily table grapes and other things to our tables in san francisco county thank you very much and thank you. >> thank you, mr. president, (clapping) madam president i forgot to thank my co-sponsor supervisor avalos and just i'll simply by requesting our support by acknowledging and thanking the
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workers that came far to be here today >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) (clapping.) madam clerk can we police are a roll call vote. >> supervisor wiener supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor tang there are 9 i's.
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>> this resolution is adopted unanimously (clapping) thank you all for being here today oar madam clerk weigh to skip over our 3:00 p.m. special order and go to roll call for introduction. >> up to introduce new business supervisor wiener. >> thank you for being here if you could exit the chamber quietly we'll appreciate it thank you. >> and those of you in the overflow room there is now room in the chamber if you want to
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come into the chamber. >> good okay supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president colleagues, i have a one item for introduction it is an item i wish we didn't have to introduce supervisor campos is my co-sponsor and as of the previous item there is so much work to be done today, we're introducing a resolution to condemn indiana state senate bill as long as the religion freedom act signed by the governor of india that will take
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effect and franklin courageous discrimination against landlord/tenant people by codifying the service to lgbt under the goose of religious freedom the ability to act on personal issues against lgbt people as long as they claim a problem with the service for lgbt people this is essentially harmful in indiana while the board of supervisors and we all respect the free speech of religion that free speech can't be invoked as an excuse to discriminate against people's sex call overwhelmingly orientation with a less deserving of services and as a
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result of the signing of sb 101 we've seen an out pouring of condemnation across the industry mayor ed lee directed all city departments to refrain from any travel to indiana and salesforce has band all employee travel to indiana and indicated that salesforce will not be expanding in indiana and list as an $18.5 million add a thousand jobs over 5 years in indiana the nap napkin president harassed issued a statement over serious concern indicating the naacp will review previous events and forego consistency with the values of the naacp and could
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stop future sports events in the state and in the washington post announced the bill eli you thought of indiana health services some of the largest employers in i said i understand have condemned the law and schooled the quencher in indiana as a result of the law and many good people in indiana are horrified could pass this law and really undermine the reputation of this state this resolution puts the board of supervisors in the city of san francisco firmer on record condemning this as discriminatory and additionally
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this resolution asks the city not to enter into contracts with indiana businesses and to evaluate contract all businesses to be feasible to conceal this contract and the resolution will courage private san francisco-based businesses to refrain from doing business with i understand in kwefshz and congestions this an important statent by this both keep the momentum tomb going and thus sadly we have to make an example of indiana that if you don't this and decide that lgbt people are going to be clarified as second class citizens there be about consequences and
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councilmember reed commissioner borden and supervisor president breed and supervisor campos thank you. >> supervisor avalos i wanted to add my name tome the resolution ordinance that supervisor wiener. >> perhaps we could have all 9. >> all sign on. >> supervisor mar and all 9 thank you, colleagues. >> we could urge the golden state warriors not to fund it. >> so colleagues i'm introducing a letter of inquire to several departments as well, a hearing as the finding of the inquire inquire related to the driver's license much like our legislation the guy in the box about information about a person's involvement if the justice system and applications for employment and housing there
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are barriers for a person's driver's license is suspended to a person getting employment what other system do we have in place with the justice system that actually lead to the licenses being suspected and how to prevent people ellis acted from having their driver's license suspected ate a barrier to employment in san francisco and many places around the country also when the driver's license is suspected that person has to pay a lot of 0 money to get that driver's license back if f and if you're low income that stops someone from finding opportunity there's also recently a report that came out in ferguson were there was a report 12 thousand people living in ferguson and 16 thousand have outstanding arrest
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warrant for not paying court finances it is one of the rules that the justice system keeps people down and in this case ferguson many of the people are african-american we want to look at the other disproportionate community that are effected disproportionately and we'll have a report out from the department when we have our hearing probably later in may the rest i submit. >> supervisor breed ace rare i get excited about anything at the board chasm because mostly a lot of technical business we have to take care of i'm agreeing so serious but today, i'm excited because i have some visitors people who he consider my family from the
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african-american art and culture complex a lot of the young folks you guys can stand up from programs project level and cal all stars and some of my old kids that are ground up i'm so happy to see you and thank you tom and stacey and all the ground ups that helped not only to cooperate the work and the work of the board of supervisors that polyp gets made and managed a lot of the work for the board of supervisors and i'm happy to see the process i'm proud of the work they continue to do and be involved in the community and focused on trying to make sure that they graduate and get their education and get good grades and do all the things to be successful and they can take over for us at the board of supervisors i'm excited to have
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them here welcome to you all i miss you and the cultural environment and just know i'm working hard edward to make sure that the programs continue and that you continue to thrive in our neighborhood thank you for being here and colleagues the rest i submit. >> thank you madam president we're looked at you and our old - supervisor kim not present. >> seeing no other names madam president that concludes the roll call for the introduction of new business. >> okay. at this time we will madam clerk please call public comment. >> consent calendar and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. and there will be no separate discussion of these items public
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comment so not loudly on items not on the agenda and direct the comments to the board as a whole translation assistance will be allowed twice the time and any documents on the overhead projector clearly state to sfgovtv when you want the screen to return to live coverage. >> first speaker. >> the question does the by which quarterly on san francisco or bishop john mccartney here in california or bishop's r.c. in florida so they have the right to say what god says and jews said if you love me keep my commandments you're not all god, your not god, god is
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god and when you die what jesus is going to do when we resurrects you well, i'll shut up and let god speak millions of us are going to rejoice that jews recess instructed from the dead and all used to be supposed to the christians i was the number one enemy now christ was to be preached there's no resurrection of the dead if there be no one and a then christ be not risen we have finding false witnesses of gods that he raised up christ he raised up in if the dead rise not my fingers is intervened and
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paul talked about the future resurrection if the dead rice not then chit is notarized our father is vapor that's the problem you're in your sins okay. your sins you can't make good what god says it evil and think of that cain and king joseph fat if someone ran for office and promise to deport all the homosexuals the media would jump on them but the biennial commend them for that it really did so - >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> from supervisor wiener to supervisor christensen to others good afternoon. >> this last speaker spoke about god many things one of the
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most important thing is gadsby god once said see portion of personal things like being wealthy and were something that the person in the heart deserve that's not the holy way but emotional content and disney - but of such person things like food and clothing and holeness require for human works like farming and agricultural and the holyness to bring up all good unit's of
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scientific study have a continuous mission to see the people require less of a petty engagement. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> members of the board of supervisors ray heart for san francisco open government what you see on the screen is any appointment as a petty officer i was proud to do 12 years as a member of the united states navy this is my submarine qualifications certified it i was in that arduous duty i'm a
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veteran and here we have all the time 19 times the sunset task force has ruled that various represents the government have violated my rights to free speech and to have the official records of public meetings and to deny me access to public records i needed in order to make educated and lucid comments in the public sector in particular the library commission has gotten a lot of people involved in higher ability to suppress public comment i'd like to ask this board of supervisors when i could expect representatives of this city government to recognize my rights under the law as a citizen and veteran i'm disturbed about the city government of disrecord for open
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government policy i followed an i dr the week before last and only 5 attempted to fulfill the responsibilities under the law supervisor president london breed along with supervisor campos and supervisor yee have failed to respond in my way don't they know there are requirements under the law supervisor farrell has been held in violation has again reviewed refused to respond and the policy will colleague about the childcare. >> >> next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> good afternoon madam president and members of the board i didn't want to use a religious one i want to extend
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my condolences to the family but this department i know it doesn't feel like we've lost a police officer but mr. scott explicit take the life of a police officer but a provider protector and the world away from a lovely life and brought shame to his family we can't see in the future through pitfalls it's hard to smile through the trumpet the dawn is a silence no one can see the heart can't be total right in the heart is wrong for ms. johnson we're not going to comfort you, we won't able to hear i'm not hunger i only want to rest officer johnson walked into death with encourage he's
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in a place far beyond the stars what i officer johnson can leave the illustrate lightwell at the stairway one day we got to leave this world of we want to stay our job wouldn't permit us thank you very much. >> thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> . >> thank you supervisor president breed and other victims i'm christopher i've been comboufrd i roadways to comment on the intermittently comment on drivers one noted one person was killed by traffic so for in the city of san francisco and noted that about 3 persons a day have obey hit but not killed by traffic